Writing an Essay in English

For many people writing an essay in their first language is a challenge, but writing one in a second language can be even more demanding and stressful. The key to good essay writing though in any language is good planning.

Today's activity looks at a tool called Essay Map to help you effectively plan your essay. It takes you through the processes involved in planning and at the end of the activity you can print up your plan to use it as a basis for you essay.

  • Before you begin you should think about the theme of your essay. You could to write about one of the topics from the lectures in our previous activity Listening to Lectures in English or you could watch a lecture on Academic Earth.
  • If you prefer to practice with an easier topic you could write about:
    - : The challenges faced by young people in your country
    - : Technology and the opportunities it offers for the future
    - : The most interesting places in your country
    - : Why you study English

  • When you have chosen a topic go to http://www.readwritethink.org/materials/essaymap/
  • Type in your name and the topic you are going to write about. Then go to the introduction and add a few sentences. Then click on the arrow to add main points

  • You only need to give brief sentences here. Remember this is only the plan and these are only the main areas you will cover when you write the essay.
  • Once you have these three main ideas you will be able to move on through the map and add the key points you want to include in each of these sections. Complete the whole of you plan and add a conclusion.
  • Then print out your plan. next comes the hard part. You need to sit down and actually turn your plan into an essay. Writing the essay though will now be much easier, as you have done the thinking part and now you just have to concentrate on the language and making your thoughts clear.
I hope you find this activity useful. Here can you can find 20+ more activities to improve your writing.

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