Write a Song in English

Not everything you do when you are learning a language as to be serious. It's great to use the language you are learning to have fun and to communicate with people.

In today's activity we are going to use one of my favourite websites Let them Sing it For You to have some fun, create some songs and listen to famous people singing them.

  • First you need to write a song. This doesn't have to be difficult. You can write a song about yourself or a friend by using their name.
  • You simply create a sentence about the person using the letters of their name to start the first word of each line.
  • Here's how it is done using my name (Nik). I have three lines, each beginning with the letters of my name.
  • So a make a line about myself starting with each letter.
    Not very good at sport
    I like to go to the beach
    Know a lot about different websites

  • The site will then convert you words into a song that you can listen to. Here's mine.
    Nik's Song

  • You then just email the song to your friends or yourself.

  • If you want to hear other songs you can go to a Lyrics website like A-Z Lyrics and copy and paste the lyrics to create songs to share with your friends. You could also send them some singing messages instead of emails.
I hope you have fun with this website and create lots of songs in English.

Here you can find more Song and Music Activities.

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