Learn from English Song Lyrics

There are many great reasons to study song lyrics, not least because you enjoy listening to the song. You can learn new words from them, singing along helps with your pronunciation, reading as you listen helps with listening and reading skills.

So today's activity uses a site called Lyrics.com where you can find loads of song lyrics as well as music videos of people singing the songs.

  • Go to: http://www.lyrics.com/ think of a song in English that you like or a singer who sings in English.
  • Type their name or the song name into the search field and find the song or singer.

  • If you can't think of a song just select one of the popular ones from the home page

  • You will then see the lyrics and on most songs you can also find a video. Play the video, listen and follow the lyrics.

  • You can either just listen or you can try to sing along. Doing either one or both will help with your listening reading and pronunciation.
  • Try to listen to a new song each day, or select one song and try to memorise the lyrics by singing along a number of times.
I hope you enjoy this activity. Here you can find more music related activities.

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