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Translation can be a very useful tool in helping you to learn a language. It can make you think much more closely about the relationship of your language to the language you are learning. Translating also makes you think very carefully about the meaning of the text you need to translate and how to express it in your own language. Translation is also a valuable skill and one that could help you to get work.

Today's activity uses a site called Social Translator where you can find lots of translated videos, and texts and some that are waiting to be translated.

  • You are going to start by listening to a short video clip and writing the text in English. You can watch the clip here:

  • Play the clip and pause it while you write down the text with a pencil and paper.
  • Once you have written down the complete text in English, check it against the English transcription on the site here by clicking on 'Play' next to English > English.

  • Correct any errors in your text. Then go to here you can type in each sentence of your English text and click to translate it into your own language.

  • Computer translation is not very accurate, so you will need to think about the meaning and correct the translation.
  • Once you have the complete text translated, you can join the Social Translation site and add your translation to the video clip. Just click on 'Join' and create your account, then go back to the video and click on 'click here' underneath 'Translate This'.

This is a great way to practice your listening , grammar, vocabulary and translation skills.

If you want to request translations of words you don't know you can go to: and add a word or phrase.

If you enjoyed this activity you can find other videos to watch and translate here: These already have English transcription.

Here you can find more translation activities.

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