Learn from and Create Animated Music Videos

Learning English from songs lyrics and music is a great way to study. In today's activity you are going to be able to watch and enjoy some simple 'stop motion' animated music videos and then find out how to create your own.
The videos for you to watch come from two sources; Music and Muffins and SereneRhapsody and you can find more examples on their YouTube Channels

  • For the first part of this task, you can simple watch and enjoy two short music videos and just decide which video you like the most.
  • This one is "You Could Be Happy" and the music is by Snow Patrol

  • This one is called "Rain drops" and the music is by Regina Spector

  • You can find more videos like this at Music and Muffins and Serene Rhapsody
  • Once you have chosen the video you like best, think about how the images illustrate the story of the song.
  • Try to think of a song that you like and the story behind the song.
  • Find the lyrics for the song at: http://www.lyrics.com/ and copy each line of the lyrics onto a sheet of paper.
  • Put the sheets of paper in order and then do a simple sketch on each sheet of paper to illustrate the line from the song.
  • Now using a simple digital camera you can create your own 'stop motion' video of the song.
  • Here you can find step by step instructions showing how this is done.
  • Here you can watch a video of how to make stop motion videos

  • Once you have create your video you will need to add the sound track too. This is a great way to enjoy music and develop your English.
I hope to see some of your videos on YouTube soon.

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Nik Peachey


Ana Maria Menezes said...


started making my own music video today. Will let you know when it's ready.

Marisa Constantinides said...

Lovely post and idea. Of course, the drawinggs could also be scanned?

It seems easier that way to me. What do you think?

Nik Peachey said...

I think it's swings and roundabouts. There are advatages to either way of doing it, but scanning would certainly work too.



Vienna said...

A very useful blog entry. I'm doing this with my students at the moment so the infomation about the speed setting is very useful.I've used Wordle before with songs- takes quite along time though! see my blog entry

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