Learn How to Correct Errors

Students often expect their teacher to correct their written errors, but students can also learn a lot from looking for and correcting errors in written work.

This activity gives you the chance to test your correction skills and find errors in short texts using a site called BookOven and a tool called SpellChecker

  • Go to: http://bookoven.com/ Here on the front page you will see a short text that may have an error.

  • Look at the text carefully and try to find any errors. If you see one try to correct it. If you aren't sure you can copy and paste the text to http://www.spellchecker.net/spellcheck/.
  • Paste the text in to spellchecker and then 'Spell Check.'

  • This will open a new window showing where any errors are.

  • Go back to BookOven and correct the error. You will then be given another error to check. Try to find and correct at least 10 mistakes.
You can do this everyday for a few minutes and it will improve your ability to check and correct your own work. You can also use SpellChecker to check your own compositions.
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