Improve your Listening and Spelling

Today's activity should help you to develop your listening, spelling and your vocabulary. It's a Spelling Bee game and you have to listen to and recognise words, then try to spell them.

You get clues to the words and once you get the words right you can see other words which are connected with them.


  • Make sure you have your sound turned up, then click 'PLAY WORDS' You will hear the first word. You will also be able to see a definition.
  • Try to type in the spelling of the word. Once you get the word right, you will be able to see other words that are connected with that word.

  • Click on 'NEXT WORD' to get another word. As you play the words will become more and more difficult. See how many you can spell before you get stuck.
  • I hope you enjoy this game and learn some new words. Come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities.
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